Cirkus Senior

Circus Senior is project bringing generations together with the help of
exercise techniques inspired by new circus, helping senior people to
improve their coordination, motorial skills, physical and mental condition.
We have been visiting senior homes with a special program tailored for
older generation, organising professional courses for social workers as
well as lessons for public, where whole family can try juggling

The project has been initiated and led by a Czech not-profit making
organisation Artists 4 Children, which has been helping to children
in need, people with a disabilities and seniors excluded from the society
in the Czech republic as well as abroad, for more than 10 years.
They help their participants to overcome the experienced traumas and
other obstacles with the help of interactive theatre, musical and circus

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Our team


Renáta Králová

Graduated from Theatre Production, DAMU, Prague. In years 1988 to
1991 she worked as Production assistant in The Short FiIm, Prague.
Between 1992 and 2004 she worked as an Assistant and a Head of
production in Czech TV. She has produced a whole range of TV
programs, for example a very popular satirical TV show called “ Czech

In February 2005 she organised an expedition of Czech actors to the
south part of Sri Lanka, country affected by devastated tsunami. They
have performed dozens of performances for children whose`s families
lost roofs above their heads from one day to the next. She came back
to Sri Lanka in 2006 accepting a job for the humanitarian organisation
World Vision as a coordinator of leisure time activities.
After her return to the Czech Republic in July 2006 she founded
a cultural no-profit-making organisation Artists 4 Children.

Foto: Martin Kabát

Foto: Pavel Šafránek

Adam Jarchovský

Adam Jarchovský is a juggler, a circus lector and a trainer. He started with
juggling by a chance already at primary school and gradually he gained more
experiences as a performer at different events not only in the Czech Republic
but also around Europe. As well as taking parts in new circus performances,
he was also gaining his first tutoring experience at the non profit organisation
“Muses to children.” Today, he works as a main tutor at Circus Senior and
prepares its methodology, he is part of performing groups “Brothers in small
T-shirts “ and V.O.S.A. theatre, which also performed at the Shanghai EXPO,
and works as a juggling lector at Prague new circus centre CIRQUEON.
His cooperation with Artists 4 Children dates to 2009, and he has taken
part in many Artists 4 Children trips, such as Palestine, Gaza, Bosnia,
Macedonia and ostracised locations at East Slovakia. On regular basis
he has also conducted workshops for children at ostracised Roma
locations in Větřní by Český Krumlov and Dobra Voda by Toužim.
These activities led to his more intense interest in social circus, utilising
circus art for helping to disadvantaged groups. He decided to study
pedagogy at VOŠ , and Social work at the Theological Faculty
of Charles University. He graduated successfully in 2014 with final
theses describing his tutorial experience which he gained participating in
projects of Artists 4 Children.

Katka Klusáková

Katka Klusáková graduated in Music and PE at the Faculty of Physical
Education and Sport in Hradec Králové. She has gained her circus
skills at variety of workshops in the Czech Republic and other countries,
she is a part of a new circus duo Te Ty, works as a tutor at Prague new
circus centre Cirqueon, teaching students from the youngest children to
the teenagers. She has taken part in many projects of Social
Educircation, she works as a tutor of Blind Circus and Women’s Circus
Prague, she cooperates with psychiatric hospital Bohnice and Health
clowns, she took part in the project Creative partnership, camps Drop of
Hope, leisure time activities Klokánek, Jedlička`s Institute and others..
In her pedagogic work she focuses on tightrope acrobatics for adults,
circus skills for children and teenagers and psycho-motorial exercise for
seniors. She was one of the co-founder of Circus Senior and together with
Adam Jarchovský she helped to create the methodology of senior exercises.
She participates in many Circus Senior activities for families, workshops
for seniors and she works also as a tutor for educating of social workers
and teachers.

Foto: Martin Kabát

Foto: Martin Kabát

Ondřej Holba

Ondřej Holba graduated from Prague HAMU, Pantomime. He has been
doing juggling since he was 16. Nowadays, he works as a mime,
a clown, a juggler, a teacher and a director. His main interests are
pantomime, clowning, new circus and a physical theatre. You can see
him in performances of groups “Sacra Circus “and “Silent Opera”.
He also works as a tutor for children at Prague centre for new circus
Cirqueon. He works as a tutor of workshops for aged people of Circus Senior

Pavel Šafránek

Pavel Šafránek worked as a TV Prima dramaturgist and a scriptwriter.
He works today as an agent of Wall Studio Pictures and at the same
time, he works in production, filming, directing, scriptwriting and PR.
He has been working with Artist 4 Children since 2010 as a producer,
a documentarist, and a web designer. He shoots and edits the videos of
Artists 4 Children projects as well as created website of Artist 4 Children
and Circus Senior project.